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Passionate about the Details

Paint Cleansing, Paint Protection, Paint Correction, interiors, and more. Our services might be varied, but they all come with the same high standard of quality, dedication, and durability. We are experienced Detailers with knowledge passed down from generations. We offer a tailor-made detailing service that will suit your vehicle needs.


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When Kyle first visited to see our “Baby”, a 2000 Mustang to provide a quote for services, I could see that he approached his work like an artist, with each car being a blank canvas. His passion for his craft and for each car he worked on was evident as I watched him at work and learned more about how he has developed skills and knowledge of products. Kyle took the time to do the job right and I could tell he would stick to it until the result met his high expectations. Needless to say, I was very pleased with the outcome and would use his services again.
— Dave Bachynski
Very very happy with the detailing job that was performed on my car. It’s like the paint has a certain depth to it now that it didn’t have before. He took his time and the best part was he did it all at my house and even checked up the next day to make sure I was still happy. I will use again no doubt.
— Matt Webber
Hands down Kyle has what it takes to make you’re vehicle look the best it ever has! His passion and dedication was proven by his outstanding attention to detail in and out on my 07 F150. I was amazed how his efforts and superior products used brought back a flawless shine all around and the interior was spotless! Thank you so much Kyle, my truck looked like it came straight from the dealership once again! I highly recommend everyone turn here for a beyond satisfying experience, affordability and a great end result...and all done in my driveway!
— Jesse Rivers



We only work with the best products and tools available. We never compromise quality for a time and give our clients realistic, upfront quotes that accommodate their vehicle needs. We strive for honest customer service and going above and beyond whenever possible! Because we CARE.



About Us

When we started Carriage House we wanted to be different, we wanted to focus on the rejuvenation of vehicles through the extensive process of Detailing whenever possible. Our passion for vehicles drives us every day to go out and help people bring their vehicles back to life whether it be a Porsche or a Sunfire. Everyone has a vehicle that they care about and we prove to every customer that no one cares about your vehicle more than us!