Paint Cleansing and Correction 

Paint cleansing and correction are a cornerstone of our business. After driving vehicles, whether it be on a track or to the local market the paint on our vehicles take a hit from Environmental damage, brake dust, tree sap and everything else that they may encounter in our daily driving. Paint cleansing steps are taken to ensure that before any correction happens that all of the contaminating properties on your paint are cleansed away to take your paint to the absolute  cleanest surface we can attain before Correcting and Rejuvenating the paint and surrounding trims and glass.


Paint correction and rejuvenation

Once the vehicle's paint is clean, we will thoroughly inspect the paint for defects (i.e. Swirls, Scratches, holograms, overspray etc.) Once all the defects have been found we came up with a plan on the best course of action and execute it to bring your paint back to the best condition that we can achieve. Through the use of special tools and bright lighting we can ensure that the defects are removed and not masked or hidden only to show up when you wash your car, that is what we don't want.



Interior Cleansing and Protection

The interior of your vehicle is a very important aspect of your car. It's the connection you have in the vehicle you can feel, it's what holds you during your spirited drives. We feel that a clean natural looking interior is important and by using products that won't leave a shiny, slick surface we are able to keep your interiors looking like new and cleaner for longer with very little upkeep. Besides that who likes sliding out of their seat and having greasy hands after "Armour protection" was sprayed  anyway?



Interior protection

Lets face it, interiors take a beating sometimes. Kids, animals and cargo. Oh, and lets not forget coffee and every other liquid we have all tried to enjoy while driving and spilled. Protecting the surfaces inside your vehicle will make maintaining them much easier when these mishaps happen. Once your interior is cleaned, we have some select, high performing interior protects that keep your surfaces cleaner for longer, but without all the mess and residue like the other ones  out there. 

Paint Protection

 From Waxes to paint sealants and even ceramic and nano coatings we have the paint protection solutions to keep your paint looking its best no matter what you throw at it.  



Paint Protection Films (PPF) 

Once your vehicle's paint has been corrected, you may decide that a PPF solution is for you. Paint protection film is a high quality clear vinyl. It has UV Blocking properties and creates a strong but a thin layer of protection that can last up to 7 years if maintained. 



The undercoating is a layer of protection that is sprayed underneath your vehicle to protect it from the elements as well as damage. We offer a service that cleans that underside of the vehicle of any loose particles and surface corrosion. Once everything has been prepped, we coat the surface in a rust inhibitor and seal it all in with undercoating to give your vehicle the protection it needs to keep going for years to come. 


Paint Chip Repair 

On select cases that will improve the look and protection of a vehicle we do offer paint chip repair. We have a partnership with an excellent paint matching company that supplies us with perfectly matched paint to blend and fill paint chips and small scratches to keep your vehicle protected and looking great.


Wet Sanding

Wet sanding can be a step that can really improve the look of depth and clarity of your paint work. We do Wet Sanding to remove Orange Peel from Paint work and other defects that could be hindering your shot at perfection in terms of reflection and overall look. We normally evaluate these jobs with onsite quotes and take a look at a number of factors to make sure that this service will be of benefit.